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Google Classroom: Getting Started Tutorial (free for teachers and students!!) Use now!!!

Google class getting started tutorial. Free digital learning Platform 2020. google classroom sign in and google classroom sign up as a student and a teacher explained!!!google classroom sign in for students


Online Class Through Microsoft Powerpoint!! (LMS free) Make video of powerpoint presentation

Brief tutorial by Dr. Rajni Garg on recording video lecture using power point presentation.Online Class Through Microsoft Powerpoint!! LMS free Make video of powerpoint presentation


Best headphone under 2000 rs?? // Review of SONY XB450

This video will provide you information about the best headphones under 2000,3000 or 5000 rs.THis is also a review of SONY XB450


Linux Mint Installation Tutorial

Here you can find tutorial about how to install linux mint in your laptop using virtual machines along with free VMware pro.


How to remove virus from laptop/pc

Remove viruses from your computer. Painstaking process made easier in this free tutorial


Run a program in more than one window

Run a program in more than one window. This will allow you to render more than one video or run same software twice


Regain your Lost IMEI Number for Android Device

How to fix "Invalid IMEI " after Factory reset? The trending IMEI Fix Tool is the right software application tool for you if you are looking for a way to Fix the imei code of your mobile phone device


How to fix bluetooth in your pc

If you suddenly find that your Bluetooth device doesn't work anymore on your WIndows 10 PC, then follow the steps listed in this guide.